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Descendants of the Rev. Christopher Yonges - ca1575-1626

Are you - or do you think you may be - descended from this Anglican Priest who lived from c. 1575 - 1626.

Rev. Yonges was the Vicar of Reydon and Southwold, Suffolk, England, from 1611-1626.

His oldest son, Rev. John Youngs, led the Englishmen, women and children who settled Southold, Long Island, New York, in 1640.

Among those who followed Rev. John to the north eastern end of Long Island were brother, Capt. Joseph Youngs, with his wife, Margaret Warren; their sister, Martha Youngs Moore, her husband, Thomas; nieces and a nephew, children of their deceased brother, Christopher (Jr.) and his deceased wife, Priscilla Elvin.

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