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"In case you aren't aware of it, there is a book review in the Sunday February 18th issue of the Book Review section of the New York Times of a new (2007) biography Ledyard: The Search For The First American Explorer about the life of John Ledyard III. His grandmother was Deborah Youngs of Southold, daughter of Judge Benjamin Youngs, who was a grandson of the immigrant and ancestor to many of your readers, Rev. John Youngs. Some history of this family is on pages 67-68 of Selah Youngs book.

I have only read a little of the book so far, but it is fascinating history. It recites some of the life of the first John Ledyard who married Deborah Youngs and who was a compatriot of Eleazar Wheelock, the founder of Dartmouth College, and also of several well known ‘Great Awakening' ministers, i.e. Rev George Whitfield, Rev. James Davenport, and Rev. Jonathan Edwards. The book then goes on to the life of the main subject, the grandson, and his adventures and endeavors around the world, including Europe, Russia, Siberia, western North America, and Africa, as well as his interaction with Thomas Jefferson. and with Capt. James Cook.

The author's name is Bill Gifford. Published by Harcourt. this month, February 2007. Our local public library bought two copies, perhaps your library did or will buy one. The publisher's price is $25, but you can find it on-line at Amazon or B&N for $16.50. "

Editor: I wasn't aware of this book! Thank you for letting me know about it - I'll have to look for it at Borders! I'll let our readers know about it, too.

I have written about Col. William Ledyard in the newsletter - devoted a whole newsletter to the Battle of Groton Heights several years ago, in fact. Col. William was one of Deborah's sons - so that would have made him an uncle to John Ledyard III. William was run through with his own sword by the British commander who captured Fort Griswold on Groton Heights (Connecticut) in this battle in 1781. The Brits were on their way to Yorktown, so their victory didn't last very long in this case.

"How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

I am descended from Bethia Youngs and Robert Clark Francisco of Morris Co., NJ. I came across a website that lists her ancestory as the following but it lists no sources so I do not know how accurate it is:

Rev. Christopher Yonges (?-1626) & Margaret Elwin

Rev. John Yonges (1602-1671) & Mary Warren

Christopher Yonges (1643-1695) & Mary Budd

Christopher Youngs (1677-1727) & Elizabeth Moore

Christopher Youngs (1700-1785) & Joanna Parshall

Christopher Youngs (1723-1800) & Anna Wells

David Youngs (1747-1824) & Rebekah Lambert

Bethia Youngs (1805-1857) & Robert Clark Francisco

Do you know if this lineage is correct? Please let me know about the newsletter."

Editor: The first correction to your information is that it has never been conclusively proven that Rev. Christopher's wife and mother of his children was Margaret Elwin. To date we are not sure what our Margaret's maiden name was.

Rev. John's third wife was Mary Warren (widow Gardner). Their youngest son was Christopher who married Mary Budd.

We can confirm your information up to David Youngs (1805-1857). We do not have the name of David's wife in the records. In Youngs Family by Selah Youngs, Jr., it does state:

"He (David) rem. (removed) to New Jersey, m. (married) and said to have had children who visited Long Island."

Selah goes on to name two sons for David: Edward and Christopher.

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